We recently went to Iceland. When we were on the plane we saw a beautiful sunset. After we landed, we got our bags at baggage claim and looked for our guide. My mom lead me and Maya to a woman with a paper that said “Nagar family”. Her name was Ragga. Then we ate breakfast.

Tectonic Plates

We went to a bridge where along time ago North America and Europe were together (in Pangea)Then a plate of North America got stuck to a Europe plate so we were on two Continents at once.

Blue Lagoon

Then we were going to something called the Blue Lagoon. Before we got there Ragga told us about a lava field. It is a place where lava turns into rock. Then we got to the lagoon it was teal and it smelled like eggs. When we got in the building we got wristbands. We were going to shower. We decided to have a stall to shower. A guy went in a shower that did not have a door and i saw his butt. After I showered I got in the teal water. It felt awesome and it was like 100 degrees. I had some lemonade at the swim up bar. Then my family got face masks. They are these weird things that make your face white. They washed the face masks off in the water. When we finally got out of the Blue Lagoon, we went to lunch. I had a hamburger and fries (I really like fries).

Reykjavik Evening

Our guide Ragga drove us to Reykjavik, which is the only city in Iceland. Ragga got us to our hotel, then left. We walked around the city and had dinner at a yummy Indian restaurant called Himalayan Spice. It is one of my favorite Indian restaurants ever. Then we walked back to our hotel and went to bed.

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