We just got back from an amazing trip to Iceland! It is a beautiful country that I really enjoyed visiting. Here’s what we did each day we were there.


We went to the Marriott for breakfast. The food there was so good and I definitely recommend it. I was so excited after breakfast because we were heading for the Blue Lagoon.

Blue Lagoon

The first thing we did in Iceland was go to the Blue Lagoon. The Blue Lagoon is so pretty and you can get really cool face masks. The Blue Lagoon is like a pool but it is heated and is around 100º Fahrenheit. The water is a blue and white because of the silica in the water. The lagoon was created by excess water from a geothermal power plant. A geothermal power plant is a power plant that uses steam to create electricity. Some water spilled out of it and the water was expected to disappear into the nearby lava field, but instead the water expanded and it became the Blue Lagoon. An interesting fact about the Blue Lagoon is that you have to shower before you go in. This is because they want to keep it clean.


We had lunch at the Blue Lagoon restaurant, and the food there was amazing. I really liked the cauliflower soup and hamburgers. At lunch we got the bread and butter. It was really unique because the butter came on a lava rock. An amazing fact about the water is that you can drink straight out of the tap because it is the cleanest water in the world.


Reykjavik is the only city in Iceland and 60% of Iceland’s population lives in Reykjavik. Some fun facts about Reykjavik are the tallest building in Reykjavik is a church. Reykjavik has never been hotter than 80º and there are no McDonald’s restaurants in Reykjavik.


For dinner we had Himalayan Spice, which is an Indian restaurant. It was one of my favorite restaurants in the whole world. I recommend the chicken tikka masala, and the mango lassi is also really good. My parents were freaking out because the vegetable pakora was out of this world!!!!!!

This was our amazing first day in Iceland!!

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