We started off the day very tired because we woke up at 7:00 which is 3:00 A.M Atlanta time and we went to the hotel for breakfast.


After breakfast our guide, Ragga drove us to the waterfalls and they were unbelievable. There were more than 100!!!! (My brother counted) We even walked on a little trail to higher rocks where we could see the waterfalls even better. The water was a bluish, white and it was moving super fast. There were some boulders in the water and the waves kept splashing up against them which was really pretty. It was really cold outside and we had to be bundled up. After looking at the waterfall for a few minutes we headed back to the car, ready to go to lunch.


We went to lunch at the restaurant by the waterfalls and their soup of the day was incredible!!!! The day we went, the soup was sweet potato soup which was one of the best foods I have ever tasted!!!! With the bread dipped in it, it was perfection!!!!!!! I also liked the chicken and grapes. We tried this new melon that was white on the inside but had yellow skin. It was really good and tasted like cantaloupe!! That was our amazing lunch that left me wanting more!!!!

Horse back riding

After lunch we drove to the horse back riding place and Ragga started telling us about how trolls lived in the lava fields and you can see how some of the rocks actually look like trolls. She said that the trolls wake up at night and roam around freely after everyone is gone. After learning about trolls we finally got there. They had dogs at the entrance to greet us and they were so cute. One was a beagle and kept running outside and back inside again and again. After talking to the owners we went to see the horses. I got a horse named Mosey and she was a little white horse. After we each got our horse we practiced getting off and back on them again. Then we were off!! First we had to cross a road and then went riding through a lava field where there was a river that we rode through a little bit. It was really fun and at the end we got to trot back to the farm. We played with the horses a little bit and got to do some challenges like laying down on the horse with your feet on their back. Then spin around and do it again. After the fun challenges we went to the geothermal hot spring where they make bread and serve it to us. We all thought it was delicious!!! We also watched a video of how horses walk and they also told us that my horse won many trophies in horse racing!!!

Canyon Baths

We drove to our hotel where we got picked up on the bus and got dropped off at the top of some stairs at the tip of a mountain. We walked down some stairs and we saw the canyon baths. The bus driver told us that the one closest to us was hotter than the other one by 2ยบ. There was a women’s changing room and a men’s changing room. We changed into our bathing suits and then we rinsed off. Finally we were ready to get into the canyon bath. We went in and it was actually kind of cold because it was raining and the rain was cold and making the water cool. After that we went back in the bus to the Husafell Hotel.


We had dinner at Husafell Hotel where I got a hamburger, and my brother had a fish called Ling. It was really good and the dessert we got was delicious!!!!!!!! It was called Honeycomb. The honeycomb thing might look hard but it is actually really soft like ice cream.

This was our awesome second day in Iceland.

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